Non Availability Birth Certificate (NABC)


Non-availability of Birth Certificate Affidavit (NABC). Can be used for USA Green card application, Australia PR, Canada PR, UK immigration. Original NABC from your birthplace (municipality or state government) in India.

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  1. Non-availability of Birth Certificate (NABC) from India.
  2. Original NABC from your birthplace (municipality or state government).
  3. Certificates are sent to your registered email address as a PDF scan file. We can also mail them physically to you in the USA/Australia/UK/Canada for an extra fee.
  4. The NABC birth affidavit can be used for the USA Green card, Australia, UK, Canada, and other country’s immigration.
  5. We first try to get your original birth certificate. If your birth record is not available at your birthplace, then we get your NABC certificate which is accepted by all immigration departments.
  6. The NABC certificate fee varies by state/location in India. This price shown here is the price applicable for most (70%) cases. Please email us at to find the actual price for your specific case based on all documents you have and what is missing if you want a quote.
  7. If you purchase this today and payment is made, the extra charges (if any) for your case can be adjusted against this payment.
  8. Processing Time: 4 to 8 weeks based on your birthplace.

Money-Back Guarantee

  • We will refund your money if the affidavits are not accepted by the immigration department. Refund amount: Full refund after deducting payment gateway transaction charges (usually 5-10%) based on which method you used (Paypal/Credit Card).
  • Our purpose is to help you and we will make every effort to resolve your issues.
  • Proof of rejection by the immigration department required.


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