USA Private Help (Email)

Private one to one email.

You can discuss:

  • H1B + H4 EAD form filling, status issues, max-out options, 60 day grace options after denial, work on US salary from India, China, Canada with PR.
  • L1 + L2 EAD form filling, status issues.
  • Help with H1B, H4 stamping in Mexico, Canada, Australia, India process, Form 221g issues, DS-5535 issued by US embassy – help with mandamus filing, dropbox eligibility.
  • How to get B1/B2 visa with sponsor documents, how to file B2 extension for parents.
  • Indian passport renewal in USA help, How to make Indian power of attorney for real estate purchase in India.
  • How to file/maintain Australia PR, Canada PR from USA while staying on H1B, L visa.
  • Leaving and returning to the US with approved i-140 in future.


  • Private email is for 3 questions only with one fee payment. Reliable fast answers. This is not a legal advice.
  • Document verification available for extra fees based on the number of documents.
  • Payment valid only for one time consultation. We are not affiliated with any government agency/attorney/lawyers.